Founder of AUREA Multi-Family Office, Raffaele Riva is a renowned international businessman with an excellent reputation for enabling the facilitation of global financial transactions successfully. With the aid of his team at AUREA Multi-Family Office, they have been able to continuously offer exceptional financial services to clients to serve their different needs, such as wealth and asset management, estate planning, and private investment, among others.

The rise of Raffaele Riva

Riva completed his degree in economics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan and attained certification as a National Public Accountant. Raffaele Riva also attended the Canton Ticino Management Business School, where he completed his post-graduate course in SSQUEA. The following year, he enrolled in another post-graduate course at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland, where he took a SUPSI program.

His career commenced as an assistant manager in a company that had its operations based in the United Kingdom and Italy. At the firm, he was tasked with providing auditing and accounting services; luckily, he was well-groomed to run operations in international wealth management and investments. Between 1997 and 2008, Raffaele Riva founded multiple startups applying his knowledge and competence in international business logistics. Refer to this page for related information.

AUREA Multi-Family Office operations

Founded in 2008, AUREA Multi-Family Office handles diverse financial operations customized to meet the needs of each of its high-profile clients. Some of the operations facilitated by the organization are managing assets, wealth, investments, real estate, and taxes for elite personnel in numerous countries. They also offer a wide range of services that deal with audits, budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, corporate finance and restructuring, and charitable contributions.

Raffaele Riva founded the AUREA Multi-Family Office to serve high-profile entrepreneurs and investors as an advisor and facilitator, providing high-quality and personalized services to meet their needs accordingly.


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