Carlos Beira da Veiga Excellent Skills As a Marketing Consultant

Carlos Beirao da Veiga is well known for his successful career journeys as an entrepreneur. Recently he has worked as an avid marketing consultant who has proven to have excellent skills. His passion for venturing into the marketing field started earlier by observing his father, who served as an advertising executive for a large soft drink form in Portugal. Also, his mother was doing good in the field as she worked as a business professor.

Carlos parents always believed education was the key to changing someone’s life. His parents were his great support system who always pushed him to pursue his interests to make all his dreams come true. Carlos was a good performer in school; ever since he enrolled, he has achieved good grades always. After his high school education, Carols relocated to Californian to have the remaining part of his education there.

While at California, he enrolled at UCLA, where he pursued a B.A in communication. Carlos’s time at UCLA was of great lessons and new experiences. One of the greatest lessons he put into practice was networking. He realized how networking was essential and how the connections you make will influence you in your growth journey. Carlos Beirao da Veiga was always cautious about keeping relationships that would help him achieve his dream.

After Carlos graduated, he joined a large media company, his first venture in his career journey. As he served in the company, Carlos decided to return to school to advance his studies for more opportunities. He pursued a Master’s Degree specializing in marketing. After his master’s, Carols went for an internship program where he gained experience to become the valuable person he is in the marketing industry.

Today, Carol Beirao da Veiga continues to receive local and international praise as the best marketing consultant. He established Da Veiga Consulting, an agency that aims to deliver services in digital marketing, social media marketing, and traditional marketing.