Doug Haynes Talks about Human Interaction Value to Organizations

DoughWhen Covid 19 came, so much was affected across the globe. Businesses were the most hit areas which had to look for alternative ways of doing business to survive. In this quest, so many options were tried out with some paying off well while others are failing in the same way. Doing business online is one of the business alternatives that many companies consider globally. Businesses took up this idea and within no time, many were doing business online to reduce human contact. Many people lauded this move with many others adopting doing business online.

However, there is one man who has not been a big fan of doing online business, Doug Haynes. Doug Haynes is an experienced businessman who knows so much about business success. He believes that people play an important role in making businesses successful. Thus, he advises people not to ignore human beings’ role in making businesses successful. He further adds that doing business online is good but greatly limits human contact which is very important in cultivating business relationships.

He says continued online business is more likely to strain business relationships by reducing human interactions. Doug Haynes speaks passionately about human interactions with businesses which he says allows people with shared goals and mindsets to meet and deliberate on their goals for the best outcomes in the long run. Doug Haynes says that some face-to-face interactions with people are essential in maintaining a fabric between business people and employees of a company. Therefore, Doug urges businesses and professionals not to depart from human interactions as he believes they play an important role in the success of businesses around the world.

To help companies work on interactions even better, Doug offers several ways businesses can use to enhance interactions between their employees. Among the many things he advises to enhance human interactions is finding a way of making some form of informal interactions between employees of a company which then breads good relations.

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