DSI Global is the top cloud-based innovative inventory solution. It has announced its latest version of Cloud Inventory. This robust and stable software solution offers manufacturers and distributors the power and capability to control inventory and other relative processes to boost compliance, productivity, revenue generation, and inventory optimization. In the future, warehouses won’t have walls.

Cloud Inventory is a disruptive technological advanced solution will enable real-time tracking of tools, assets, inventory, consignment materials, and Jobsite supplies online and offline outside the warehouse. Cloud Inventory will ensure real-time visibility into inventory location, state, and authenticity, from raw materials and work in progress to final products in the warehouse, transit, or field. Customers can adapt the supply chain linked to processes as their business runs and grows. The innovative inventory solution also offers:

  • Stringent basic applications that meet all the requirements in inventory, manufacturing, warehousing, and field Inventory.
  • An easily configured flow chart, drag and drop, no-code/low-code platform without engaging expensive programmers/developers.
  • Insights dashboard to improve and monitor the performance of the supply chain.

Mark Goode, the President and Chief Executive Officer of DSI, affirms that they are happy to announce the release of the new version. He added that Cloud Inventory would lead to a breakthrough in inventory control without any boundaries to the leaders in the supply chain. With the recent disruptions in the supply chain, the lack of inventory control and visibility has hitter debates in boardrooms.

Supply disruptions mean access to inventory. Companies are supposed to view their inventory management differently, and Cloud Inventory offers the perfect and flexible layer to optimize and restore the supply chain. If you want to experience how this new release can help you control your inventory and the processes, reach out to DSI for a complimentary demo. This marks a significant move in the field inventory. Read this article for more information.


Find more information about them on https://techbullion.com/data-systems-international-dsi-launches-newest-version-of-cloud-inventory-platform/