Sheriff Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio is a guy who pisses off undocumented immigrants, Latinos and left-leaning citizens like Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey. This is because he stands for what many of them are against: A white America with intolerant, nativist attitudes.

He was very much against the concept of open borders to the point where he gave orders to his police force to round up suspected undocumented immigrants. This is what angered the undocumented people. What started as a mission to round up suspected illegal aliens turned into a mission of harassing Latino motorists. This is what angered the Latinos, as well as the undocumented immigrants. When people voiced their thoughts about Arpaio being a negative authority figure, he persecuted them. This is what angered the left leaning people.

In The Year 2017

The year 2017 was a great turning point in American history. It was the year when a very ruthless, discriminatory man, Donald Trump, got sworn into office as the president of the United States of America. His presidential platform included a promise to build a huge wall to keep undocumented immigrants from crossing over America’s Southern border. This was a tall promise with underlying contexts that were xenophobic. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Day after day, we watched as Donald Trump attempted to knock down laws that guaranteed rights and humane treatment to people. He tried to chip away at organizations that provided contraception and abortion. Trump also tried to end policies that were in place to help undocumented immigrants. One of the biggest travesties that Trump committed was the pardoning of Sheriff Arpaio.

Trump justified the pardon by saying that Arpaio was sincerely trying to keep his local jurisdiction as safe as possible. Trump, being the nativist that he is, agreed with the aggressive manhunt that Arpaio had carried out. There are pictures of him and Arpaio where he is in the background, smiling.

The Tent City

The year 2017 was also a turning point because the “tent city” that Sheriff Arpaio established for local prisoners was closing its doors. The reason why this “tent city” was constructed is because the local jails that were run by Arpaio were supposedly becoming too overcrowded to house all of the prisoners. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

The tent city existed outside in the brutal Arizona heat, which commonly reaches up to about 125 degree Fahrenheit. A few famous people spent some in this tent city, including Charles Barkley and Mike Tyson. The people who were kept here were brought up on criminal charges that earned them less than a year in jail. Such crimes that landed people in this tent city included car theft, domestic violence, driving drunk and drug possession.

The idea of a tent city for prisoners was so novel and unique that the tent city that Sheriff Arpaio set up became a tourist trap. People from all over the world came to tour the place and take pictures. Some of the prisoners were really enthusiastic about people taking pictures of them. Prisoners could be seen posing for pictures, sometimes throwing up gang signs.

Sahm Adrangi: Overseeing the Kerrisdale Capital Management

In the complicated world of stock market and trading, only a few names manage to last. They should be able to perform an exciting move when doing transactions so that they could be remembered. The complexity of trading at the stock market can be pointed out because of how the system earns, and it is best to leave the system to those who fully understand it. One of the most popular traders today is Sahm Adrangi, who gained popularity after he invested $100 million in a mysterious company that has not been revealed. Mr. Adrangi has a record of investing in risky ventures, but it goes well in the end, and he provides additional profit for his clients. He stated that his skills in trading developed by watching how it works and reading information about how to become successful in the industry.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Known as a person with skills and expertise in trading, he decided to work for private financial firms and served as an analyst. He studied how the financial world works, and when he gained more knowledge about the industry, he decided to open up his financial firm. He established the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009, and after its foundation, Sahm Adrangi analyzed several trends in the industry and found out how he can make his newly founded firm a success among the investors.

Fast forward to the present, Sahm Adrangi managed to get a lot of clients because of his previous records of being able to generate a tremendous amount of profits. He would also use this technique to persuade his customer and clients to give him $100 million that he will be investing in a yet to be unveiled company. Because his customers and clients trust him, they gave him the money that he needs. Sahm Adrangi soon spent the money he received at the stock market, and they are currently waiting for it to go up. Sahm Adrangi, aside from managing Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and other investments, is also active in speaking in public about finances.

Jeremy Goldstein: Incentive Options for Companies

Many companies today are thinking about the best incentive that they can give their employees, and earnings per share (EPS) is one of the options being considered by the majority of American companies. According to Jeremy Goldstein, a New York-based lawyer and blogger, EPS outweighs advantages over disadvantages, and he thinks that it is one of the best incentive options available to companies in the United States today. He has written and published an article regarding EPS, citing the advantages and the disadvantages of this incentive. He believes that most of the employees can benefit from EPS because of how flexible the incentive option can be, but the companies should still conduct studies to see how they can balance out giving EPS as an incentive.



According to Jeremy Goldstein, companies which are offering EPS as an incentive would drive the prices of the shares higher. This would mean that the company will be able to project themselves high in the stock market, and they will be able to drive more investors to pour out their investments in the business. EPS would be beneficial both for the employees and the company that they are working for because it would drive the value of the company to a whole new level. Aside from the change in the prices of shares, it would also do something good for the productivity of the employees. It has been proven that with EPS, employees will be more active at work, finishing the tasks they would have to do. It would also give them a positive outlook because of the changing prices of the shares.



On the other hand, giving an EPS as an incentive has its disadvantages. Based on the article written by Jeremy Goldstein, it seems like EPS will promote favoritism inside the company, and it would also lead some of the employees to complain because of how the company would favor a share over real cash. Overall, Jeremy Goldstein believes that proper education on how EPS can be handled should be taught to the employees. In the end, holding stock on hand is just as valuable as having cash.


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Agora Financial Brings Investment Insight To The Masses

The world of investing can be an intimidating experience for anyone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of Wall Street. One publishing firm, however, has been helping millions of people understand investing and finance from the comfort of their own home. That company, Agora Financial, has helped the average investor get an edge in a competitive market.

So what exactly is Agora Financial? Agora Financial is the premier publishing firm that offers everything from investing newsletters to publications, seminars and other investing tools to help all kinds of investors reach their financial goals. With a staff of some of the most experienced investing experts on Wall Street, Agora Financial allows people to understand everything from the stock market to various sectors within the market.

What sets Agora Financial apart is the excellent roster of analysts who spend more time out in the field than in the office. At any given moment, an Agora Financial analyst can be reviewing a gold mine in South Africa or investigating a fast-growing tech company in Silicon Valley. It’s this kind of coverage that gives Agora Financial, and its readers, an edge over other investors.

With 20 publications to choose from, readers can get an in-depth perspective on everything from the energy sector to precious metals, tech stocks and more. Readers can even choose publications that offer specific income generating strategies or proven ways to protect wealth in all kinds of market environment. In short, Agora Financial has taken everything an investor needs to know about finance and condensed it in easy-to-digest publications.

One secret to Agora Financial’s trust among the average investor is the company’s unbiased and independent perspective. The company does not accept any compensation from any company or analysis which can skew the opinions of the publication’s writers and editors. Readers can rest assured that they are getting the facts instead of the usual hype.

From retirement advice to emerging market research, Agora Financial has the entire universe of investing covered. Each month, the publication firm releases hundreds of well-researched ideas and strategies designed to help investors get the most out of their hard-earned money. When investors want to hit their financial goals, they turn to Agora Financial.

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Sahm Adranji has Helped Many Investors Succeed

Sahm Adrangi helps his clients make investments in many different types of companies. He’s exceptionally skilled at helping his clients invest in small businesses.

How Did He Begin His Career?

Sahm Adrangi began his career by working for major financial institutions. Two examples of companies that he worked for in the past are Longacre Fund Management and Chanin Capital Partners. These jobs allowed him to save money that he used to start a company of his own.

What Company Does He Own?

Sahm Adrangi is the owner and CEO of Kerrisdale Capital. Kerrisdale Capital offers investment services that are popular throughout all over the world. They offer their services to many well-known corporations.

What Are Some Examples Of Investment Strategies That Kerrisdale Capital Is Skilled At Utilizing?

Kerrisdale Capital allows clients to invest in companies that operate in many different sectors of the economy. The company also allows clients to purchase bonds and alternative investment options. The company has investment experts that are exceptionally skilled at helping clients on a fixed income make successful investments.

Who Are His Clients?

He has clients that come from many different backgrounds. In addition, not all of his investors are individual clients. In fact, Sahm Adrangi is well-known for helping successful corporations manage their finances through investments.

What Else Is He Famous For?

He is famous for an important message that he gave the public. This message was a warning about two companies that used illegal strategies to advance their own interests. The companies that he warned the public about were China Biotics and China Education Alliance. Both of these companies faced sanctions as a result of his warnings.

In addition, he is well-known for the writing that he has published. His writing discusses investment strategies, and these publications are available for free on the internet.

Get To Know The Academy Of Art University

The Academy Of Art University is a for profit private art university. The university is home to more than 30,000 students. The Academy Of Art University has been around since 1929 and they have accomplished a lot since first opening. A lot of people would die to attend the Academy Of Art University because students graduate from this school as professionals and are usually ready to tackle any job in their field.


The Academy Of Art University has a large variety of different degrees and programs to choose from. They also have many different programs and organizations for their students to choose from. Participating in programs during college is just as important as obtaining a degree. Organizations and programs help students to become very well rounded individuals.


The Academy Of Art University has different programs for students to get to know their culture better. These programs consist of The Chinese Association, The Indian Association, and another club named Outloud. They also have different academic clubs too, some of these clubs are the Tea Time Animation, the American Institute of Architecture Students, and Jewelry & Metal Arts Club. In these programs student are able to learn more about their major. Students are also given the opportunity to network with different professionals in the art field and with alumni individuals as well. Of course, the Academy Of Art University also has tradition sports programs for the students as well, including golf, basketball, volleyball, and many other sports as well.


The Academy Of Art University is a very affordable school, but if you need help with finances, financial aid is offered, scholarships, and different loan programs as well.


The cost of the Academy Of Art University is well worth it. The university recently began to gain attention from some of the most influential fashion icons in the world. The Academy Of Art University has a tradition for their students to attend Fashion Week bi- annually. During their last appearance, the students were given the title of being the future of fashion. This was a huge accomplishment for the school and students, they are very excited!