Get To Know The Academy Of Art University

The Academy Of Art University is a for profit private art university. The university is home to more than 30,000 students. The Academy Of Art University has been around since 1929 and they have accomplished a lot since first opening. A lot of people would die to attend the Academy Of Art University because students graduate from this school as professionals and are usually ready to tackle any job in their field.


The Academy Of Art University has a large variety of different degrees and programs to choose from. They also have many different programs and organizations for their students to choose from. Participating in programs during college is just as important as obtaining a degree. Organizations and programs help students to become very well rounded individuals.


The Academy Of Art University has different programs for students to get to know their culture better. These programs consist of The Chinese Association, The Indian Association, and another club named Outloud. They also have different academic clubs too, some of these clubs are the Tea Time Animation, the American Institute of Architecture Students, and Jewelry & Metal Arts Club. In these programs student are able to learn more about their major. Students are also given the opportunity to network with different professionals in the art field and with alumni individuals as well. Of course, the Academy Of Art University also has tradition sports programs for the students as well, including golf, basketball, volleyball, and many other sports as well.


The Academy Of Art University is a very affordable school, but if you need help with finances, financial aid is offered, scholarships, and different loan programs as well.


The cost of the Academy Of Art University is well worth it. The university recently began to gain attention from some of the most influential fashion icons in the world. The Academy Of Art University has a tradition for their students to attend Fashion Week bi- annually. During their last appearance, the students were given the title of being the future of fashion. This was a huge accomplishment for the school and students, they are very excited!


Betsy DeVos’ Views on Philanthropy and Education Reform

Betsy DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, are well known in the political arena. Dick DeVos was nominated for the position of Governor of Michigan and Betsy DeVos is currently the Country’s Secretary of Education. The couple is a testament to the amount of change that two people can bring about through dedication and hard work.


What many are not aware of is the fact that Betsy and Dick DeVos are very passionate about charitable giving. The couple established their own foundation, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to better manage their charitable giving as the volume grew. Last year alone the Foundation contributed $11.6 million in funds. The Foundation is estimated to have donated over $1.3 billion throughout the family’s lifetime.


Both Betsy and Dick DeVos feel that education in the United States is not providing students with the full realm of tools they need to achieve the American dream. Their philanthropy is directly proportional to that statement. More than 26% of The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation’s charitable giving in 2015 went directly to education reform.


The foundation also selected causes that were close to the couples’ heart. One of these causes is the Potter’s Christian School. The school is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where the DeVos’ are from. The school sees many students that come from low-income families who work incredibly hard to provide their children with a Christian education. The DeVos family provides scholarships and funding to school programs that helps these children achieve a top notch education.


Betsy DeVos’ husband is well known for his work in expanding Amway Corporation’s global footprint. During his time with Amway he grew the company to a global brand that worked in 18 markets across the work. He grew the share of Amway sales globally from about 5% to 50% of overall annual sales during his time working in business development.


In a recent feature article by Philanthropy Roundtable, Betsy DeVos shared a bit about her passion for philanthropy and education reform. She believes that because her family has been blessed financially, she is bound to give back to people who can be greatly helped through charitable giving.


Mrs. DeVos summarized her focus on educational choice by mentioning how the future of technology will play a big role in school choice. Her goal is to tear down the concept that students need to attend the school that physically lies within the district their parents’ home is in. She wants to give families as much freedom as possible. Thanks to technology developments, education does not have to solely lie within the walls of school buildings. The most important thing is that students are receiving the benefit of the best education we can give them.


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