Sahm Adrangi: Overseeing the Kerrisdale Capital Management

In the complicated world of stock market and trading, only a few names manage to last. They should be able to perform an exciting move when doing transactions so that they could be remembered. The complexity of trading at the stock market can be pointed out because of how the system earns, and it is best to leave the system to those who fully understand it. One of the most popular traders today is Sahm Adrangi, who gained popularity after he invested $100 million in a mysterious company that has not been revealed. Mr. Adrangi has a record of investing in risky ventures, but it goes well in the end, and he provides additional profit for his clients. He stated that his skills in trading developed by watching how it works and reading information about how to become successful in the industry.

Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. Known as a person with skills and expertise in trading, he decided to work for private financial firms and served as an analyst. He studied how the financial world works, and when he gained more knowledge about the industry, he decided to open up his financial firm. He established the Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC in 2009, and after its foundation, Sahm Adrangi analyzed several trends in the industry and found out how he can make his newly founded firm a success among the investors.

Fast forward to the present, Sahm Adrangi managed to get a lot of clients because of his previous records of being able to generate a tremendous amount of profits. He would also use this technique to persuade his customer and clients to give him $100 million that he will be investing in a yet to be unveiled company. Because his customers and clients trust him, they gave him the money that he needs. Sahm Adrangi soon spent the money he received at the stock market, and they are currently waiting for it to go up. Sahm Adrangi, aside from managing Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC and other investments, is also active in speaking in public about finances.

The U.S. Money Reserve Donates Money for Hurricane Victims

The U.S. Money Reserve is considered to be one of the most successful institutions in the United States. Just recently, the organization announced that it had chosen to partner with an institution known as Austin Disaster Relief Network and together, they have successfully managed to raise two hundred and nineteen thousand, six hundred and twenty two dollars. The money raised by the two organizations will be used as a donation to the Hurricane Harvey victims. The organization is based in Texas, and it specializes in precious metal distribution. The US Money Reserve has managed to grow significantly since it was brought into the market, and it currently has offices located in Beaumont and Austin. After the disaster took place, the precious metal distributor acted very fast, setting up a special relief initiative that was going to assist the victims who were affected when the hurricane tore the prestigious Texas coastline. The company decided to dedicate the month of September to donations that were made through the popular YouCaring Page. Learn more:


According to the company management, the prestigious U.S. Money Reserve partnership had successfully raised more than two hundred and fifteen thousand dollars for the victims who were affected by the hurricane. The great gesture will go a long way in making sure that the people who were affected by disaster get their lives back into the right track. When families are affected by the disaster such as this one, getting life into the right track can be a challenging affair, especially when people who are close to them do not offer the support required.


The chief executive officer of the US Money Reserve, Angela Koch, says that her organization was deeply affected by the disaster, and this is why they felt compelled to help the victims who are based in Texas. According to Angela, the natural disaster happened just close to their home, and this is why they chose to offer their assistance. Most of the company employees, families, customers and even strangers were affected by the calamity.


Rebuilding the region is going to be a very complicated affair. The communities living in the area will be expected to work hard and use a vast amount of resources so that the region can get to its feet again. Organizations close to the area will be expected to donate and assist the people to recover and live normal lives once again. The US Money Reserve is very excited to be part of the communities who will take part in the rebuilding process.