Securus Technologies Company Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies Company is the technology solutions providing company that always lives up to the needs in technology solutions for the inmate industry. The company is one of the most sought technology firms that provide better business values when it comes to the issuance of technology to modernize the inmate experience. For the company, they have always stayed ahead of the rest in the issuance of capacitated business capabilities to ensure they are at the forefront in making the world a better place. Working with Securus Technologies Company proves to increase the value of your inmate experience in the business world.


Securus Technologies Company is one of the leading companies in the issuance of technology solutions to provider criminal and civil justice solutions. For the company, they have always stood ahead of the rest to foster criminal justice solutions for public safety credentials in the industry. If we are amassed with greater benefits, we might solve the problems facing the inmates with technology solutions provided by Securus Technologies Company. The technology solutions provided by Securus Technologies Company fosters monitoring and corrections. This is why they are also adopted for investigation purposes.


Securus Technologies Company has also announced to receive an A+ accreditation that fosters better business values. The Better Business Bureau based in Dallas is a company that chooses to accredit and rate business performance on companies that uphold their values in the industry. The company also accredits other firms that decide to modernize their business to suit better customer experience and satisfaction. For the Better Business Bureau, Securus Technologies Company has shown the world that they are working towards solving the problems their clients face to get the accreditation. Few companies in the industry can compare their business values with Securus Technologies Company. This is because they have the best business model in the inmate industry.


Securus Doing Good Work For Prisoners And Law Enforcement

Securus Technologies is leading the charge when it comes to the treatment of convicts. That might not be a sentence that you want to read, but how we treat our prisoners has a remarkable effect on crime rates. When we treat our prisoners well, crime rates drop. That’s because an inmate is most less likely to go back to a life of crime if she is equipped with the education and skills she needs to reintegrate into the world.

This is quite a massive subject for debate. Let us focus in on one aspect of prisoner treatment that has a real world effect on crime rates. This specific aspect concerns communication. Incarcerated individuals who are able to communicate effectively via video chat, email or phone calls to their friends and loved ones are much more inspired to be rehabilitated.

Securus Technologies makes this communication readily available for our prisoners. This company has innovated video chat technology that makes it incredibly easy for the family of an incarcerated individual to communicate directly with that person. Of course, this all comes at a price but the costs are reasonable.

That’s not to say this company makes life easy for prisoners. In fact, Securus Technologies has innovated some powerful tools for law enforcement that help keep the prison population under control and safe. One of these innovations is a jamming system that prevents contraband sulfone from connecting to networks inside of a correctional facility. It also helps locate the phone so that law enforcement can seize the contraband.

Another innovation allows law enforcement officers to flag and listen to every phone call that a prisoner makes. Information obtained from these phone calls has led to arrests, convictions and search warrants. It is a powerful software that helps prevent crime to keep our law enforcement officers and prisoners safer.