Jason Hope Sees Modern Society Fully Embracing The Internet Of Things

There is a technological revolution quickly approaching the reality of things. According to Jason Hope, a prominent futurist, the Internet of Things (IoT) is the fuel predicted to catapult “the greatest new wave of advancement to hit the tech industry,” says Jesse Boskoff of Engadget.com in his article “Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.” Just as the internet has connected people to others across the world, Hope sees a forecast of global pandemonium in which all devices will have the same connectedness.

It is evident from Boskoff’s article that Hope is more than a hopeful tech fanatic, but on the contrary, Hope is incontrovertibly sure that the world will continue to embrace the shift to smart technology. He predicts that IoT will be a competitive precedent for businesses “years to come.” In Hope’s eyes, The Internet of Things will dominate transportation, domestic and occupational life, mercantile transactions, automobiles, traffic semaphores, along with other signaling devices and “almost all conceivable devices [will] connect with each other.”

Jason Hope studied at Arizona State University, where he received a finance degree before earning his MBA from Arizona State’s School of Business. He provides consulting services for businesses and helps them usher in the future of technology. As a futurist, Hope follows and assesses the trends of technology as it progresses and makes predictions of how it will affect modern society.

As with technological trends, scientific advances are equally important to Hope. He is a passionate philanthropist that gives to many organizations dear to his heart. A large portion of his donations, in particular, goes to SENS research which focuses on anti-aging and finding cures for enervating diseases. Hope supports any innovative research that challenges conventional methodologies to find ways of preventing illness – not just treating them.

With individuals like Jason Hope contributing in their way to the betterment of humanity, it will go without question that more people will lead productive and healthier lives.

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