Kim Dao Goes Shopping in Sinsa Korea Garosugil

In the last week of June, Kim Dao went to Korea. After applying her makeup, Kim Dao went to lunch to have some chicken and noodles in a beef sauce. After lunch, Kim Dao shopped in a grocery store that not only sold groceries, it also sold potted plants, key rings, and trinkets. Kim Dao also shopped in a clothing store to try on some tops; she bought two simpls tops ( Window shopping, Kim Dao saw a window with several cocker spaniel type of dogs that were nodding their heads. These mechanical dogs looked real. Kim Dao met up with her friend Sunny, and they went shopping for cosmetics, especially concealers, eye-shadow, and blushes. Learn more:


After she got back to her hotel room, Kim Dao answered some vlog questions. The first vlogger asked if it is difficult if you travel to Korea and only speak English. Kim Dao said she does not speak  Korean that well, but she can read it. If she has a question while in a store or restaurant, she finds that many of the workers can speak English as well as Korean. A second vlogger asked Dao what Asian eye-shadow she recommends. Dao recommends Edgy Eye because it’s more pigmented than most Asian brands. A third blogger wanted to know why when she goes clothes shopping,she gets back home and says she bought nothing. Kim Dao’s buying styles has changed in adulthood. She likes to consider if she really needs and can get use from the outfit. Learn more: