Mirabaud is an international financial and banking group that offers businesses and entrepreneurs private banking, investment advice, and management services. It was established in 1819 in Switzerland, Geneva.

Mirabaud has been developing over time and has offices in Basel, Zurich, and parts of Europe like Barcelona, London, Abu Dhabi, Valencia, Madrid, and Luxembourg. Mirabaud offers Asset Management and wealth management services worldwide and in main financial centers.

Its Asset Management service offers a specialized variety of investment solutions to wholesale and institutional investors globally. The service aims at achieving faithfulness in its values and ensures client satisfaction. These values are integrity, aligning to customers’ interests, and entrepreneurial culture, which allows its interaction with highly qualified professionals in the financial industry.

The service involves several strategies like the Discovery Europe Strategy. This strategy is suitable for entrepreneurs interested in improving long-term returns, adjusted from risks. It is for clients seeking future growth opportunities for their companies.

The Wealth Management service involves a customized, independent, worldwide approach to wealth management, focusing on your needs and long-term financial objectives, including:

  • Wealth Planning

You should organize business and family parameters, property, and financial assets to match your investment strategy. Mirabaud helps you plan your assets despite their form.

Since wealth inheritance is challenging and needs expertise and preparation, Mirabaud offers you legal, financial, and tax knowledge to create and implement a succession structure that matches your needs.

  • Legal and Tax Advice

Specialists assist you in weighing the impact of newer conditions, which gives you an idea of organizing your assets.

  • Pensions

Pensions are geared towards private self-employed business leaders and senior managers. They involve life insurance cover management, retirement capital accumulation through financial plan accumulation, protection upon close-related people, and portfolio structuring.

Thanks to Yves, the founder of Mirabaud Banking Group, for his contribution.

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