Alex Pissios is one of the most influential hotshots of the Chicago production community over the past ten years and has jumped on board an exciting new project. Wizdom is a sci-fi thriller set in a futuristic world ruled by biotech corporation Wizdom where daylight is scarce and the nightlife is near-constant. The story follows Eos and Vayle, two professional thieves who set out to steal raw materials from Wizdom to cook up a dangerous drug rumored to give visions of the future. When Eos and Vayle accomplish their objective, they get more than they bargained for and they have to rediscover themselves to get through new adversity. Alex Pissios’ experience as chief executive producer of successful shows like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Empire will lend valuable talent in the production of Wizdom. Alex Pissios was also formerly the president and CEO of Cinespace which generated tens of thousands of jobs and sold for a walloping $1 billion by the Pissios family. The Wizdom setting is largely based on the Chicago nightlife. Many of the artists collaborating on this project, including Alex Pissios, either grew up living in Chicago or are very familiar with Chicago’s nocturnal scene. Their familiarity with Chicago and wide range of experiences will make for very interesting characters and thrilling production. 

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