Launch House is an elite community for entrepreneurs, announced the formation of House Capital, its new venture capital fund. Launching with a $10 million seed investment fund, House Capital aims to invest in promising startups within the Launch House community to accelerate growth among these companies. To return a significant portion of funds to the community, House Capital’s investments focus on companies whose founders share common characteristics such as passion, drive, and creativity.

Founders of startups that we invest in will receive lifetime memberships to our Launch Club community and full access, via our online platform, to the benefits of the club. LH is dedicated to building an environment where entrepreneurs can succeed. Michael Houck, GP at House Capital, said their goal is to help Founders make great companies, not just raise money. They understand how important it is to find and nurture talent before they launch their businesses, and they also know what it takes to transform ideas into successful ventures.

Since the start of 2022, Launch House has invested in several startups at the pre-seed and seed stages. In a matter of months, many of these portfolio companies have raised additional funding rounds at substantially higher valuations.

House Capital is a pre-seed and seed stage investment firm which invests exclusively in early-stage companies. We believe in building the best relationships with startup founders throughout their life cycle. By investing in companies at an earlier stage, we can help accelerate growth and provide liquidity for founders who may not otherwise receive funding. Our mission is to help people live meaningful lives through the power of community. People can change the world if they learn how to connect deeply with one another. Through an immersive experience of living together in close quarters, we provide tools and resources to help people build thriving communities. See this page for related information.


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