AIS Healthcare: Transforming Healthcare Using Innovative Approaches

AIS Healthcare AIS Healthcare is a crucial provider of targeted drug delivery (TDD) and home infusion therapy. The company provides subcutaneous (SubQ) and intravenous (IV) immunoglobulin therapies. These services work to enhance the quality of patients’ lives.

AIS creates special infusion medication for every patient. These infusions provide treatment for a minimum of 180 days before they require refilling. Additionally, they have in-home pump care, which ensures patients can receive care in the comfort of their homes.

The company is committed to more than just treating illnesses. They have a holistic approach to patient care and want to improve their quality of life. This company understands the importance of delivering the correct treatments to make a transformative impact.


Chuck Bell is the founder and current president of AIS. He has over 20 years of experience in healthcare senior and pharmacy management. His educational background in pharmacy has made him an integral talent in propelling the company forward. Chuck focuses on delivering unprecedented patient care.

Targeted Drug Delivery

AIS Healthcare has two 503A compounding pharmacies where they prepare and ship prescriptions. In a day, the facilities can prepare an average of 550 prescriptions. The Mississippi-based facility uses aseptic processing methods and superior sterilization to ensure its products have unmatched quality.

Advanced Care Infusion

Advanced care infusion is another subsidiary of this company. It primarily focuses on home infusion therapy for patients with severe conditions such as cerebral palsy, cancer, spinal cold injuries, and multiple sclerosis.

They collaborate with nurses, physicians, and other medical experts to offer world-class services. Their intake managers, clinical pharmacists, and infusion care specialists work harmoniously to help patients live better. The team of clinical experts works with patients and families to develop unique treatment plans and offer ongoing support.


AIS HealthcareAIS Healthcare is a well-recognized and accredited company. Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) has recognized the company for delivering the best care to patients. In addition, URAC is another famous independent industry accreditor to recognize this company.


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