Everything You Need to Know About Tim Murawski

Tim Murawski is a MedTech executive who has a lot of hobbies. Some of these hobbies include barefoot skiing and tennis. He also likes to travel since he finds beauty in watching the world from a new perspective. For Tim, every place he visits offers a new culture and landscape. 


Some of his favorite destinations include Thailand, Bali in Indonesia, and New Zealand. Tim Murawski fully embraces the phrase “work hard, pray hard.” He works to bring new revolutionary technologies during his work hours, but in his free hours, aside from being a water skier on his barefoot, he also loves snow skiing. 


Some of his best skiing destinations include Snowbird in Utah and Steamboat, located in Colorado. As I told you, Tim Murawski is a man with many hobbies, and he has got a love for sports cars. His favorite car is a porch (Doyoubuzz). 


According to him, he is fascinated with the engineering of the porches’. Both healthcare expert Tim Murawski and his wife have multiple patios that they drive regularly. His faithful love for sports cars is gone by how to handle the car like a pro and not only admire the engineering and decorate the garage.


Tim also likes to play tennis which he says enables him to stay on top of his game at work. He fits his tight routine time to hit the ball court. It’s exciting because tennis is one of Tim Murawski´s favorite sports with his wife. He has a house at Lake Zurich which is built-in IL Lodge style. Tim Murawski also recalls that the house combines architectural aesthetics, new technology in the design, and many sustainability features.