How Kfir Gavrieli Is Different from other Business Owners

When most people are creating their businesses, they want to create wealth and have financial independence. Not many individuals will sacrifice the effort and challenges in business for the sake of charity and wellbeing of other people. Kfir Gavrieli, one of the top entrepreneurs in the fashion industry has shown the global community that it is possible to excel in business and give help to those in need. While everyone is getting busy in business for the sake of profits, Kfir Gavrieli focuses on changing lives.

The businessman and philanthropist is the force behind Tieks, a very influential shoe brand in the United States. Tieks has been operating for several years, and it has attracted the attention of both the young and old people. The flat shoes are designed for women, and they can fit in the pulse so well. Many celebrated individuals have been spotted wearing a pair of shoes from Kfir Gavrieli and his great team. The leather used to make the shoes is amazing, not forgetting the comfort they offer to consumers.

The Italian leather brand introduced by Kfir Gavrieli operates online exclusive since the year 2010. This means that customers can order for the shoes, regardless of their location. The customer care in this great company understands the needs of the customers well, and they offer the best advice to ensure that clients the right shoes. The profits received from the facility have been helping women from poor families to start businesses.

He launched Tieks with the aim of partnering with KIVA, an institution giving microloans to thousands of women. KIVA has been operating for a while, and it has invested in many women initiatives. Kfir was very helpful when the healthcare pandemic began two years ago. The executive ensured that medical staff had the right supplies to protect themselves. This kind gesture made the businessman very popular.

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