Akeem Jamal

About Akeem Jamal

An assistant vice president, communications professional & government affairs, currently working in the Mayor of Yonkers administration, this is Akeem Jamal. He studied Bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies at Fordham University. In 2015, he attended Sunny Westchester Community College where he studied Associate of Arts and Sciences (A.A.S.) and Global Business. Later, he went back to Fordham University to finish his degree in Communication and media studies (2017-2019). He also joined Pace University – Lubin School of Business where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration (2021-2022).

His skills include social media marketing (Fordham University, 2 endorsements, and 3 experiences at the City of Yonkers), political communication (2 educational experiences at Pace University, 5 experiences at the City of Yonkers, and 2 endorsements), and political campaigns. Other skills include media relations, web content writing, crisis communication, corporate communications, and many others.

Roosevelt Island, NY

Akeem Jamal was appointed by the president and CEO Shelton Haynes as the Vice President of Public Affairs and Communications at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation on October 20, 2022. Haynes noted that with Jamal on board, his ideas will help transform the island into a destination for people around the globe. Additionally, the vice president of Roosevelt Island, Gretchen Robinson, added that Jamal has the required level of expertise, eagerness, and commitment to get the job done.

The administration of these two mastermind individuals (Haynes and Jamal) is quietly transforming Roosevelt Island. The administration has invested heavily in infrastructure, improving public parks, and creating meaningful programs for society. This has been achieved through reshaping the organization and building a team of talented individuals at RIOC.

Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC)

This corporation was formed in 1930 by the New York State to operate, design, plan, develop, maintain, and secure the 2-mile-long island. Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation’s mission is to enhance the island’s residential community by looking for environment-friendly means of maintaining the island’s buildings, parks, roads, and public transport.

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