How Launch House Is Disrupting the Traditional Co-Working Space Model

Launch House is Silicon Valley’s newest startup community. Launched in November 2016, the project was created to bring the Silicon Valley startup lifestyle to everyone who desires it. Their unique standards and expectations help develop a sense of community while giving members room to explore their craft. It encourages innovation and entrepreneurship within its community by providing a supportive entrepreneurial growth and development environment.

  1. Background

One of the most common phrases in the startup community is, “I want to build a startup.” However, that is where most people stop—they talk about, dream, and plan for it. Most people never actually go through with building their startup. In the hopes of changing that perception and getting more people to see through with building a company, the project was created. It is an inspirational community committed to supporting startups by providing safe environments in which they can develop and grow.

  1. History

Launch House has had an extensive history. If the people behind it didn’t do what they do, they wouldn’t be where they are today. The Beginning To date, Launch House has been started by nearly 30 people that have come together to bring back the startup culture and improve upon it. After almost two years of managing a thriving startup community, they had to take the next step in ensuring that their ideals were being met and enjoyed by everyone who passed through their doors.

  1. Objectives

It is important to note that when people hear the name Launch House, they automatically think it has something to do with launching startups. This is where the name comes from; historically, it was true. The goal of this house is to provide a platform for anyone walking through their doors; if no one in residence has ever started a company, then there is bound to be someone who knows someone who has.

Launch House’s development and shaping of its community has been a rollicking success. While the community is still relatively new, it’s clear that it will continue growing into something very special as time goes on.