How Ross Levinsohn Transformed the Media Landscape

Ross Levinsohn

Ross Levinsohn no doubt features in any conversation about transformative leaders who have engineered a system overhaul in media and technology. Ross is a household name in digital media and publishing with over 30 years of experience. The seasoned strategist is the current Sports Illustrated and The arena Group CEO. The Arena Group produces publications and utilizes a scalable digital platform, commercialization stack, and subscription system to manage publications.

Ross was born in 1964 in New York and earned a Communications degree from the American University. His digital career began at CBS Sportsline. He has served as Fox Interactive Media’s president, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) senior advisor, Yahoo’s interim CEO, and Fuse Capital’s Managing Director with additional management roles at Guggenheim Digital Media, HBO, Alta Vista, and Tribune.

Working in various organizations in different capacities impacted him positively. Not only did it help give a comprehensive and accurate industry overview, but it also alerted him to the potential and shortfalls that needed to be addressed. Over 300 employees in the Arena Group have him to thank for their jobs at the virtual organization.

Ross Levinsohn’s vast experience gave him a vantage point in taking on the challenges that Sports Illustrated was undergoing. When he took over the company’s leadership, it was experiencing financial challenges and needed an overhaul. The challenge was to find a way to connect the magazine’s readers to electronic media.

Sports Illustrated CEO deployed playbook- a systematic strategy to streamline media companies, on Sports Illustrated. All energy, resources, and technology were geared toward the media brand’s reconstruction. Under Ross’s leadership, the company’s bottom line has improved, owing to an increased subscription rate on its online paywall. The company’s EBITDA has more than doubled since its acquisition in 2019.

The Sports Illustrated CEO’s advice for transformative magazine publishers is wrapped up in four principles. The first is to weigh the cost against optimal product quality. The second is to identify the publication offer; higher-end (minimized cost reduction) or lower-end (maximized cost reduction). Thirdly, publishers should target niche audiences. Lastly, he opines that publishers should publish factual content.

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